Evergreen is always accepting resumes regardless of whether or not we have a current opening. We do periodically hire for the Living Skills Specialist position and we tend to post these openings on Bellingham Craigslist.

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Position Descriptions

Living Skills Specialist

Living Skills Specialist position expectations are to:

  • Be active staff members in a residential program that works as a team to provide quality care and as much independence as possible to adults with Developmental Disabilities.
  • Support and train Evergreen's clients on an ongoing basis with basic living skills such as personal hygiene, apartment maintenance, and the skills necessary to be an active participant in the community.
  • Conduct themselves professionally and ethically by always remembering and respecting the rights, preferences and confidentiality of Evergreen's clients.
  • Take direction from the Executive Directors and the Program Coordinators of Evergreen. Evergreen has an open-door policy and each member of the team is encouraged to share any input or concerns that they feel are important.
  • Assist the clients with working towards the goals in the Individualized Instruction and Service Plan (IISP). These plans have been conceived and agreed upon by the client, their families, their Program Coordinators, and their DDD Case Manager.
  • Assist clients with attending community and social gatherings and all other activities related to IISP goals, or the pursuit of their individual interests.
  • Maintain timely and accurate documentation related to the care and support of the clients that they are assigned to work with.
  • Regularly update themselves on all aspects of client care.
  • Read the Policies and Procedures Manual during their training period and must understand and adhere to these policies. Evergreen management will inform staff as policies change or as new policies are created.
  • Consider themselves to be role models for Evergreen's clients and, when out in public, ambassadors of the agency. Professionalism is required in language, actions, dress and appearance at all times.
  • Maintain safe and healthy interpersonal boundaries with Evergreen's clients and their families at all times.

Living Skills Specialists are required to:

  • Pass a Washington State Background Check
  • Be able to lift at least 50 lbs.
  • Be insurable on the agency auto insurance policy
  • Possess at least a high school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent
  • Be certified as a Nursing Assistant-Registered (NAR)
  • Possess current certifications in CPR and First Aid
  • Have taken a certified HIV/AIDS class.

(We are able to help you receive the certifications mentioned above if you are considered for Living Skills Specialist position.)

Program Coordinator

From time to time we will consider hiring outside of our organization for a Coordinator position. Program Coordinators are liaisons between the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and Evergreen Supported Living. You will closely follow the Residential Service Guidelines (RSG) which adhere to the Washington Administrative Codes (WAC) as you implement services to each Evergreen individual. Duties include:

  • Coordination of the DDA IISP goals to ensure that they are being met in a timely manner while fostering greater independence by:
    • Developing, implementing, monitoring, tracking and reporting on each individual’s IISP goals.
    • Consistently pursue, promote and foster experiences for quality of life that include: 
      • Health and Safety
      • Personal Power and Choice
      • Personal Value and Positive Recognition by Self and Others,
      • A Range of Experiences Which Help People to Participate in the Physical and Social life of Their Communities
      • Good Relationships with Friends and Relatives
      • Competence to Manage Daily Activities and Pursue Personal Goals
  • Provide and schedule outings, appointments, and transportation.
  • Observe and participate in the relevance of current goals and make prompt changes as necessary.
  • Provide family/guardians, DDA and Evergreen personnel weekly, monthly, six-month and annual updates or reports as required.

  • Team lead, schedule and train, supervise and evaluate all personnel who work directly on your team to:
    • Foster and build a healthy team through consistent communications and weekly check-ins.
    • Seek and develop strategies to improve and expedite staff training.
    • Regularly assess your team(s) to better maintain or improve an individual’s level of services.
    • Respond promptly to any changes with client or personnel needs.

  • Coordination of all the medical for the individuals you serve including:
    • Scheduling, delegating or attending medical appointments.
    • Taking the person to the appointment or delegate to a responsible team member to go on your behalf and following through with prompt reporting of results.
    • Ensuring that the team, pharmacy and the Delegating RN are alerted to any medical changes.
    • Updating all tracking systems and following up on any changes which have been implemented.
    • Ensuring that the correct medication and documentation are properly placed in the person’s home and in all Evergreen tracking systems.

  • Coordination of the person’s home, health and safety needs including:
    • Designing effective home maintenance systems to meet individual skill and ability towards independence.
    • Hygiene maintenance including, regular bathing, hair/oral care, clothing and nail care to promote family and community status and integration.
    • Grocery/miscellaneous shopping, healthy meal/menu planning cooking and eating skills.
    • Budget guidance and tracking, banking, bill paying, and financial planning.
    • Regular monthly fire drills and safety checks.

  • Encouraging and supporting healthy family, friend, neighbor and community relationships.
    • Promote regular family contact while fostering respect of each family’s unique culture.
    • Record family, friend, neighbor, or coworker contact information and outcomes of interactions.
    • Track family and friend birthdays, anniversaries, and meaningful holidays/events to ensure loved ones receive cards or gifts on time.

Program Coordinators rotate in an equitable manner the emergency cell phone and follow protocols for this responsibility.

Internship Opportunities

We are always open to taking on new volunteers and interns. We have had many successful relationships, especially with WWU students, who have volunteered their time and talents with us in the past. Please feel free to contact us about our opportunities or if you believe that you have a skill to offer our organization.